Avin Ava Arta Company has been established since 2006 as a representative and distributing firm exclusively in the field of Hi-End Audio Components and Accessories with regard to years of experiences and collected acknowledgements of its founder, Mr. Sirous Omidvar.

Introducing of the Hi-Tech peripherals and technologies made out of the most truthful and scientific philosophies is our main ambition/profession in which we've succeeded through numerous presentations, workshops and seminars for the audiophiles and new incomers during the past years.

Avin Ava Arta Co. hand picks and provides a wide range of products and services from around the globe including Hi-End - Analogue Systems, Digital Systems, Tube or Solid-State Amplifications, Speaker Systems, Passive Acoustics - and all the related accessories, parts and technical supports.

We believe by delivering the highest purity out of precisely arranged minimalist equipments any Hi-End Audiophile would be sufficiently satisfied and gradually the days of wandering to find the right choice for the best sound system would become to an end.

Avin Ava Crew:
Managing Director: Sirous Omidvar
Educations: Graduated in Machine Tools Engineering
Reputations: Designing DIE for die casting, Designing the Machine Elements, Designing Production Lines for Plants and Factories.

Shadi Pezeshk Nia
Vahid Safavi Zadeh
Arash Ehteshami
Farogh Zacharia

Honorary Member :
Pejman Rohani







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