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ASR Audio Systeme Friedrich Schafer is a Hi-End manufacturer, specialized in the field of Solid State Pre/Power Amplifiers. In pursuing to find the highest solution for driving Manger Speakers up to their highest performance, Avin Ava’s researches came up with this prestigious manufacturer from Germany.

We are proud to announce Avin Ava Arta as exclusive representation of ASR Audio Systeme Friedrich Schafer in Iran.


In searching for a suitable speaker system which becomes an excellent matching pair with ASR Amplifiers (ASR & Manger) as well as other Hi-End platforms, we had that chance to be introduced with Manger Speaker Systems from Germany.

A most prestigious speaker manufacturer company with lots of honor and dignities, awarded with The Diesel Medal for inventing new technology of sound transducers known as Manger Sound Transducer.

We believe that using high quality accessories can be effective as High End equipments so once again Avin Ava brought fort another company from Japan. Oyaide is manufacturing High quality accessories from unique materials all made in Japan.

As we promised to supply our customers with any possible equipments or methods which effectively enhance the quality of listening, once again Avin Ava stepped forward and introduced Acoustic Revive from Japan for the first time in Iran.

Hi-End components need Hi Quality accessories for the best accompany with the performance of these components to become harmony as one. One of the main issues in this regard is to provide the most enhanced signaling cables for Hi-Fidelity transfer of sound data.
As the main subjective to achieve, Avin Ava Arta had chosen
HiDiamond Cables from Italy to provide and maintain the customers with the complete solution for Hi-End purposes.

The brand new Italian company, selling High Quality Hi-End components and devices worldwide, was launching in November 2000.
Today, its core business is the production and distribution of High Quality Hi-End Cables and electronic apparatus.

Analogue sound is the essence and the meaning of purity and clarity. Basically, all the audiophile movements originated from Analogue sound. No digital advancement should compete a well equipped analogue device even with double of its price!

Avin Ava Arta is presenting
Amazon Analogue Devices from Germany as the first step of further Analogue achievements.
With Amazon, you can explore the real meaning of sound fidelity…


To keeping up the pace with the new digital sources and as one of the bests, Avin Ava decided to begin distribution of LINDEMANN products in Iran proudly. this German company has lot to say with thei stylish design and a range of carefully selected options, LINDEMANN components are the best match for modern lifestyles and growing digital culture, especially in regard to Hi-End music.


Raif Kolmsee and Rainer Reddemann created the TRIGON Elektronik GmbH in September 1996. Both worked together before at another well named Audio Company for more than 16 years - Raif Kolmsee as a businessman and Rainer Reddemann as the chief designer of High End Audio amplifiers.
Based on this experience and know how, we want to start our own company, because we want to make our own idea’s of High End for good prices real.

Our first device was a Phono MC/MM-preamplifier named VANGUARD-1. This little “black box” was, and is until now, a very successful preamp. In 1998 we introduced our first pre-amplifier and a few months later we offered a mono power amplifier. In the following years we offered year by year a new device.
Avin Ava Arta became Trigon Analogue Devices’ exclusive representation in Iran due to supplement of a Hi-End Phono Stage manufacturer, approved by the greatest Hi-End Turntable/Tone-Arm/Cartridge manufacturers like Amazon, Morch and Lyra.

New technical approach toward turntable engineering by using the most advanced materials and designs along with the perfect German manufacturing are the roots of Acoustic Signature’s products which brought life time working Hi-End turntables on the highest picks of quality and satisfaction without any nerve breaking and money consuming maintenances.

Easy to setup and customable for installing different types and sizes of tonearms and cartridges at the same time (up to three different tonearms), highly accurate speed adjustable motors with ability of using more than one motor unit, hi tech engineering and compact designs suitable for modern life styles are the specifications that have made almost every analogue music lovers able to have a Hi-End turntable at home with a wide range of options and prices.
Acoustic Signature’s turntables have ended all the complications and made the joy of analogue sound available to everyone.

When finding the finest accuracy for adjusting the tonearms and cartridges are become an impossible result for most of end users, as a solution Avin Ava Arta Co. represents
Acoustical Systems Co. from Germany, a well known manufacturer of the most sophisticated Headshells, Tonearms and Protractors.

By deployment of these equipments, we're now able to give you way more accuracy in cartridge and tonearm adjustments than before.


Real Sound Stereo Moving Coil Cartridge

Maestro performances of the past re-born for us to enjoy today and for the future.

ZYX quest is to realize the full potential of analog playback which is the only medium that gives us a continuous time axis signal (Z).
Modern digital playback systems have a time axis which is intermittent. Even though
the digital sampling rates are very fast, they are still intermittent.

Grains of natural sound flow into a living three dimensional soundstage, like strings of
diamonds and pearls.

……ZYX insists on the consistency of Time (Z), Amplitude (Y) and Frequency (X)


Many audiophiles recall Optical cartridges introduced by several companions many years ago. Its sound was shockingly sensational. Comment at the time was, “Pure like mountain dew, yet strong
like a water fall.” However, contrary to the market response, those cartridges quickly disappeared from the market. It was Precision mechanism and sophisticated optics that were too difficult to come
over at the time. Furthermore, the audio market begun to shift into Digital Sound Era (CD music).
People still talk about Optical cartridge as analogous to Hi-fidelity.
So, Optical Cartridge became a legendary product among audiophiles.
Unlike MM/MC cartridges, which based on Electromagnetic induction, Optical cartridge detects stylus vibration by a beam of light. This innovative design made it possible to eliminate Electromagnetic frictional force intrinsically exists in any MM/MC cartridges.
DS Audio proudly announce that DS-W1 is Renaissance of Legendary Optical Cartridge.
DS-W1 is the re-creation of this optical cartridge with State-of-Art laser optical technology.
Based on our years of research and countless experiments, DS-W1 Optical Cartridge is our ultimate solution to the audio lovers who seek for pure analog sounds.


fo.Q is a product applying materials developed with the support of JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency).
Vibrational energy is converted to electric energy, and finally to heat energy, enabling efficient absorption.
There are no rubber or heavy metal overtones, and efficient attenuation of the finest vibrations,
considered difficult to remove up to now, promise you the purest and clearest tones.


SPEC Corporation is one of the greatest Japanese Hi-End component manufacturers with many award winning products such as RSP-901EX or the astonishing GMP-8000 Turntable. Avin Ava glads to be SPEC Corp. representative in Iran to offer all range of their products and services.


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