Tube & Support:

Technical team of Avin Ava Arta is presenting a wide range of services to Tube Systems Lovers through importing a range of tubes from the best Chinese manufacturer. Also by using an American Military Tube Tester (see below) we’re maintaining post sales services for all types of tubes.

Below you may find the list of Avin Ava’s available tubes which are ready to sell in match pair condition.

1- 845

2- 211

3- KT88

4- EL34B

5- 6P1

6- 5881
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Guaranty :

In addition to the usual Guaranties and Warranties which Shanling and Manger companies used to offer for their customers, Avin Ava Sale Department decided to deliver a wide range of post sale services and maintenances for our native customers.
According to the type of the product that customers buy, we offer a list of services which would be helpful and even fantastic.
… Just contact us

Support :

Tubes are not going to damage so there is no need to repair or ex-change them at all. But there are some professional audio lovers whom like to substitute their current tubes with other available and compatible types of tubes. This is for having an audio system with diversified output and performance!
We are ready to deliver those enthusiasts with a wide range of compatible tubes for Tuning up Shanling’s Audio Systems to gain different taste.


Stick to the list below and Contact us in case of any question or inquiry.

List of Tubes used by Shanling:


Tube CD Player T300/T3000/T5000/T1500

EH6922 4 Russia

Tube SACD Player T200/T2000

6N3 4 China
Tube HDCD Player T100C/T1000C/T1000SE 6N3 4 China
Tube HDCD Player T80 6N3 2 China
Tube Integrated Amp. STP80 6N3 3 China
EL34 4
Tube Mono Block Amp. SP80C 6N8P 1 China
6N9P 1
EL34 2





List of Shanling’s compatible Tubes:

6N3 6H3P 2C51 6CC42 N/A N/A
6N9P 6H9C 6SL7-GT N/A ECC35 N/A
6N8P 6H8C 6SN7-GTB N/A ECC32 N/A
6N11 EH6922 6DJ8 N/A ECC88 CV2492
EL34 N/A 6550 & KT88 for more information for use of this type, please contact us
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